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This "blog" section of my website has been in my mind for while now. In this section I will present my writings and sharing of my thoughts in printmaking and perhaps, art in general.

Allow me to first introduce myself. My name is Zhang Fuming, I am an artist working in Singapore.

I graduated in LaSalle College of the Arts in 2011 with a Diploma in Fine Arts (printmaking).

Long story short, national service, 2013 came.

Like every male art (or anything really. But the struggles with "fine arts"...) graduate in Singapore, I went through the usual education process mentioned above with an almost promised slot back into college for our BA Programme.

That was the usual plan for the majority of us. It is our "ticket" back into the lives we left off two years before for Kevlar helmet and boots.

However things are not meant to be.

For one, I couldn't afford school fees at that time and have an almost non existent saving account.

The combination of the inevitable break of two years with a discerning feeling of "being out of touch" and the material lack of resources played a big role in the developing youth I was. (Not that I'm exactly old now...)

Is it time to give up and move on into the "real world"?

2013, I can still vividly remembered cycling through CBD(I worked as a bike messenger) and caught a glimpse in the news stand where "Space Odessy" won the UOB painting of the year award. Attended 2 art event at Jalan Pinang and MOCA feeling like an awkward person I am. (SERIOUS problem)

Long story short, I felt that I have something to offer, and more importantly I want to CREATE. So I did just that.

I recalled meeting April Ng (respectable artist/printmaker and my lecturer for my diploma studies) outside NAFA campus, me sweating as usual, showing her my prints for feedbacks and received more then just that.

I haven't stopped since then.

Today, I am fortunate to be practicing in my small studio in the industrial area of eastern Singapore. I am in the process of setting up an independent, personalised, and sustainable printing environment for myself with lots of googling, research, and studies.

This is where I shall document my journey, and hopefully, I may have something to offer you along the way.

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