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Famous Names

In Singapore we have this common saying, more of an insult actually, for road users who acted unruly - "eh, this one your grandfather road ah?"

While it may seem just like a rude, typical Asian-style insults that involve family members, the notion of having your grandfather's road is actually a very realistic reality.

It is no secret that many roads in major cities worldwide are named after famous persons. In a young nation like Singapore at the age of 52, just a few generations ago someone's grandfather or father even, could well have bestowed the honour of having a road named after them..

Some of the more famous names include Lim Nee Soon (Yishun), Syed Omar Aljunied,, Tan Kah Kee, and Chew Boon Lay. With their name on MRT lines!

Maybe a while ago it may be nice to have someone of my family lineage to have a road named after, MRT station should be very very flattering. As artists, many of us also often joke (or fantasized) of having the opportunity to be commissioned by SMRT to have our work featured on a station.

MRT is the central mode of transport for most Singaporean and hence there is a certain form of prestige attached to having your name on a station - Everyone will know, even if one never have to alight at that particular stop.

Drawing of Lim Nee Soon, Syed Omar Aljunied, Tan Kah Kee

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