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Regarding Workshops

It came to my attention, after multiple emails, whatsapp, and phone calls, that through a quick google search one could find a page from this website offering weekend classes.

The vast majority of the messages weren't replied, If you are one of the many senders reading this, I apologise for that. My "excuses" below:

1) I wish I have the luxury of time and energy to respond to every correspondence. Truth is I have to sort of prioritise my activities. I am most unlikely to respond if you happen to mail me sometime in between the long hiatuses from this blog. The lack of blogging/thoughts are most evident for my unavailability.

2) For an embarrassing long stretch of time I did not know where the solicitations came from. I genuinely assumed it came from one of those one day introduction workshop that are no longer in effect, or courses I taught in college that is not my prerogative to be directly involved in admission matters.

I now realise that one of the page on my website offering classes 2 years ago, though I've unpublished it, somehow still appear with it's full content with a direct google search link. I'll remedy it as soon as possible. I no longer held regular weekend classes in my studio at least for the foreseeable months in advance as I'm wholly focused on a new project and work that I felt is way behind schedule for my own artistic development. I'd keep things updated.

Heres my promise:

1) I'll return as much mail as I can. As much as I mentioned I do not hold regular weekend classes, I do make exception for short private classes for individuals or small groups - For beginners as well as budding artists intent to expanding his/her portfolio. (subject to availability)

2) I note there is a rising trend of interest in the craft of printmaking, particularly Woodcut. For every show that I will do, I'd conduct a free demonstration session as I so loved to do. It'll be fun. (I will always suggest it, but it may not be approved.)

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