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Printmaking Workshops

I work in a 310Sqft unit in an industrial building that serves as my studio. Every Sunday of the week, I will open the doors of my studio to conduct multiple slots of printmaking workshop sessions.

The studio is equipped with basic tools, inking station, and a reliable Holbein Etching Press. Taking into consideration that the workshop venue serves as my personal working space at the same time with limited space capacity, workshop/course participation will have to be capped at a maximum of 3-4 persons per time slot.


This weekly session is catered for individuals who wish to learn about the medium and methods of printmaking. The workshop is open to both beginners who have no exposure to artistic practices as well as experienced practitioners who wishes to explore other alternative mediums.

The workshops are loosely structured, catered to individual strength, goals, and desired pace. Communication is key, the instructor(s) will sit down and discuss with participants and come out with realistic goals and expectations.


Relief Printing –linocut and woodcut

Intaglio –Copperplate etching, drypoint, aquatint


*Lessons on basic drawing also available for beginners.



Sundays - 9am-12pm, 1pm-4pm or 5pm-8pm

Max Capacity: 3-4 Participants


Need to know

All carving tools, etching tools, printing tools, acid, ink and solvents will be provided for studio usage only. For techniques requiring the usage of printing presses, we have a medium sized etching press for use under supervision. The maximum size of the press bed is 45cmx90cm.

Copper plates, linoleum, wood, and specific paper and/or other unique materials may be purchased or pre-ordered on behalf of the participants.

Please note that as the studio also serve as a private artist studio, confirmation must be strictly attained before showing up.



Yourself. Apron if you have one, if not we can provide you with any spares in the studio.


SGD60 per session, or SGD200 for 4 Sessions


45 Kallang Pudding Road, Alpha Building

Singapore 349317

Contact: or +65 8303 5086 for registration or enquiries.

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