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Growth, a linear elevation

Directional symbolism and its’ reference has been a constant symbolism and metaphor representing progress and success in all cultures. For example, the Chinese idiom, 高高在上, directly traslated to ‘setting high above’, is used to describe someone of a prominent standing, it can also be used as a veiled criticism of someones’ aloff attitude, amongst from the masses. In literary usage, to ‘reach greater heights’, or ‘soaring above’ is also a common analogy to symbolise progressiveness or the attainment of success.

In the practical secular context, a business will view an accending graph as a positive; the better, aplenty ones’ resources and progress is, it is best represented by a directional pointer pointing up. 


An universally understood reference for progress indicator.

Zhang Fuming Woodcut, The Great Expectation.
Zhang Fuming Woodcut Print, Growth.

Money Plant - Growth

110cm (h) x 90cm (w)
Handprinted Woodcut on Paper

Great Expectation

220cm (h) x 210cm (w) x13cm (d) (overall) 2017-18
Wood, synthetic polymer paint and tape on woodblock print, woodblock print

Monotype Printmaking

Chart (Green)

34cm x 40.5cm (Plate Size)

Monotype on Paper


Zhang Fuming Printmaking Installation.
WD right.JPG
WD left.JPG

Window Display

2.1m x 1.55 x 1.2m

Charcoal, Woodblock Print on Paper, Plywood and Paint



White Horse

76cm x 90cm

Hand Printed Woodcut on Paper


Edition: 2

Zhang Fuming Etching Print


20cm x 16cm (Image Size)

Copper Plate Etching, Chine-Colle on Paper


Edition: 3

Zhang Fuming Etching Print

On Her Way

13cm x 10cm (Image Size)

Copper Plate Etching, Chine-Colle on Paper


Edition 3

Zhang Fuming Etching Print


11cm x 13cm (Image Size)

Copper Plate Etching, Chine-Colle on Paper


Edition: 3

Zhang Fuming Lithography Print, To Ascent.

To Ascent

63cm x 51cm

Lithography on Paper


Edition: 3


Shiny Armour 

50cm x 56cm

Lithography, Gold Leaf on Paper


Edition: 5

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